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Finding Norway

Norway has always been a destination of fantasy for me. Growing up in a rather proud Norweigian family, we were surrounded by our heritage and the familiar flag and iconic imagery has always been tucked neatly next to Canadian ones […]

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Joel Takes England #2 – The Tower of London

This last week has been a whirlwind of trains, meetings, exploring a bit of my new home and trying to find sleep in between all of that! So far life in the UK has been an exciting adventure, I’m starting […]

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New York State of Mind

It struck me, as I quickly made my way out of the rain and into the Broadway-Lafayette Station in New York how strange life can be and how quickly we can experience so much. I remember dreaming once, maybe 10 […]

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A Love Letter to Cranbrook

It’s taken me almost a week to put this post together, I never thought saying goodbye could be so hard to write about! But, delayed or not, here is my Farewell, my love letter to Cranbrook. For the past 30 […]

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