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Homes Away From Home – A Cure for Homesickness

It’s been more than a year since I’ve started a rather nomad style life, hopping from place to place for a few days at a time backpack and camera in tow. I never expected, or even really dreamed, that I […]

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New Adventures in South America

Since June of last year the longest amount of time I’ve spent at my own house has been 3 weeks and this June was no exception to the craziness of traveling and working. I’ve been so fortunate not only to […]

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My Worldwide Adventure

I’ve touched down, my feet have been on the ground for a solid week and it’s been an interesting transition to being in one place, sleeping for more than 5 hours and getting to take my time through the day. […]

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The Tour of Happiness

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My nine month journey as the photographer for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour is almost finished and I’ve entered into the reflection phase, where I’m looking back at the places we’ve been to and the people that I’ve met. […]

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