Is there anything as exciting for a photographer as getting a chance to play with new equipment?  I must say that there is something really excited about opening a new photography toy and testing it out. That’s why I’m so thrilled to say that I’m working with Canadian company Amplis who will be allowing me to test drive some of their merchandise and share with you a discount to get some new photo gear at a great price!

A few weeks ago I came home to find a wonderful parcel waiting for me, a Tamron F 1.8/Di VC lens and a pack of Kenko filters



! I was excited to be able to see how both the lens and filters would reflect in my photos and I started using them almost right away. My photography tends to focus primarily in Fine Art conceptual work but I also really enjoy taking my own lifestyle/travel type photos that help me stay in tune with lighting, posing, and keeping my eye fresh. I have used 35mm lenses in the past and I really loved the effect that the lens has both on my fine art work and my more lifestyle work so I wanted to be sure to use it the maximum potential.
The first day with the lens I actually had a concept in mind to shoot for Earth Day so I grabbed my camera (I shoot with the Sony A99) and headed out into a nearby field, globe in hand. Right away I was impressed with how light the lens was and how wonderful the focus was, I’ve struggled with lenses and focus in the past and this was so accurate. Even Annie, the dog enjoyed getting in front of the camera for a few shots!

From The Earth



I ended up shooting a few concepts using the Tamron and it was a dream, the 35mm lens is a great choice for photographers because it’s the closest to the human eye in terms of focal length. Using a lens like this in creative work is awesome because you’re able to shoot the subject relative to the environment but keeping the nice soft bokeh that a 50 or 85mm might give you. I really enjoy using it for creative work.


Throughout the time that I used the lens I tried to use it in all the ways I would use any lens that I have in my bag. I’ve been challenging myself to do a baking project, baking something new each week so I shot photos of the bread and muffins that came out of the oven.

I was asked by my brother to grab some school photo type shots of my nieces and the lens was a great choice considering the cramped shooting space. It was a great choice for some fun candid shots as well!


Right before I had to send the lens back I went on a nice sunny hike up to one of my favourite spots to grab some photos for a project. It was so bright that I screwed on the ND filter and it was great at helping stop down a bit from the direct sunlight so I could catch some photos of the water and the Inukshuks at the top of the hike.

All in all the lens was definitely a great one to have in your camera bag if you don’t already have one. I shot a variety of different subjects, in different light and different times of day and it was perfect lens for all of them!



If you’re interested in purchasing some new equipement, check out Amplis and use the code AMPLIS52017JR to get a discount! And please share your photos if you use a Tamron 35mm 1.8!