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100 Walks – Walk #9 – Selborne

Date: April 9, 2022Location: Selborne, HampshireDistance 6km(map and trail located here: Selborne – in Gilbert White’s footsteps | AA RatedTrips.com) As the weather seems to be improving one degree at a time, it’s making it a lot easier to sit […]

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100 Walks – Walk #8 – Virginia Water Lake

Date: April 2, 2022Location: Virginia Water Lake, SurreyDistance 9.5km Back to back walks over the weekend were a nice way to welcome some more of the spring weather. Thankfully our walk around the massive Virginia Water Lake didn’t involve any […]

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100 Walks – Walk #6 – Brookwood Cemetery

Date: March 29 2022Location: Brookwood, Surrey, United KingdomDistance: 8km It’s been about 2 months since my last “walk”. I’ve been walking a lot during the last couple of months but due to some injuries and it being rather snowy and […]

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100 Walks – Walk #4 – Aldershot

D ate: January 19 2022Location: Aldershot, HampshireDistance: 9.5 km Today’s walk is a slightly different one than the previous three in that it’s partially within the town of Aldershot and that I was able to start and end right at […]

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