Well this is it! The big reveal of my brand new project that’s been next to impossible to keep a secret for the past month or so!

The short of it is that I’m doing a flickr-based project with…..Coca Cola!

Here are the details.

Coca-Cola is looking for ways to engage their fans and to encourage them to create imagery and content in an fun and inspirational way, which is the purpose of this brand new project. Using inspiring and motivating key words, fans and photographers can share their photos and stories through the official Coca-Cola Flickr group, hopefully growing a community of like-minded, supportive and talented artists creating fun and exciting new works of art inspired by Coca-Cola.

My role in this new adventure will be a kind of moderator to the Flickr community in the group, I’ll be introducing the new themes which will be posted every 2 weeks and in doing so I’ll be presenting my own photograph inspired by the key-word as well as explaining my inspiration behind the image and a bit of the process of how it was created.

I’m honestly still a bit stunned that I’m going to be working alongside such a well known and respected company and that they appreciate my work enough to have me be a part of this new project. Coca-Cola has always had distinct and beautifully crafted advertisting campaigns and imagery and to know that my work, even in the tiniest way, can be a part of such a great history is really a huge confidence boost in regards to photography.

The best part of this whole project is that it’s not just me partaking in it, the group is open to everyone and I REALLY want to see you join and play along, while I can’t say too much about the upcoming themes, I can say that they should prove to be inspiring and fun photo prompts!

The first key word or call-to-action is


You can see my interpretation as well as my thoughts on the theme and submit your own image inspired by “Together” at the flickr group which is located here:

Hope to see some of you playing along and creating more beautiful pieces of art!