Drawing My Plans

Well! I’ve finally made it across the pond to beautiful Guildford in the United Kingdom and I’m so excited to start this new chapter of my life with you all!

I’ve decided that to really give you a chance to see what I’m doing while I’m here, I’d make a series of weekly YouTube videos and blogs highlighting my time spent in the amazing part of the world. I’ve come up with a fairly extensive list of things I want to do, places I want to go, people I want to meet while I’m here! Each Friday I’ll be uploading a video and blog post filled with photos, stories and random things that happen to me as I work at finishing my “List of Adventures”. I hope you’re excited to follow along!

My first few days here in the UK have been just as awesome as I had hoped. I was welcomed with sun on my arrival into Heathrow and despite a few short rain clouds, it’s been beautifully welcoming since. I’m living in a smaller town south of London called Guildford, an old town with a castle, beautiful parks and was once the home of Lewis Carroll! I’ve so far explored the high street and it’s cobbled shop lined roads and ventured into Stoke Park to watch the incredible fireworks show the town puts on for Guy Fawkes Day.


My new home is filled with a mixture of personalities but it feels just like that, a home. It’s peaceful, it’s filled with real people with real stories and I’m excited to be spending the new few months of my life getting to know them and spending time in this home of all sorts.

I’m going to be keeping next week’s video and blog a secret for now but I hope you stay tuned and enjoy as Joel Takes England 🙂