It’s taken me almost a full day to write this simple but meaningful post.  So far, even though we are just two weeks into this new year, my photography journey has entered a speed tunnel. There have been many kind articles and blog posts, some exciting opportunities to travel and teach, and contests to enter to hopefully fuel my journey for months to come.

But yesterday, I received some news that truly left me without words. I checked my phone during the a break between classes and saw a post from a friend saying “congratulations your nomination!”.  Nomination!? For what? I quickly looked a bit closer and found out that I had been nominated for an amazing award sponsored by the Framed Network, an incredible network aimed at elevating photography to new heights. Not only was I absolutely floored at being nominated but when I saw who else was in my category, Best Conceptual Photographer, I was floored. To see names like my friend Brooke Shaden, the amazing Kristy Mitchell, an inspiration Aaron Nace and the master  Jerry Uelsmann was truly humbling. To see my name next to these talented artists is truly a highlight of my photography life.

In the past few years I’ve been turning my entire focus towards creating art. I’ve completed three 365 projects with one in progress, I’ve travelled across the continent to meet with fellow artists and work alongside them, I’ve spent hours taking photos, editing photos, sharing my photos and creating ideas for more photos. I’ve been so happy with my work that I’ve literally jumped in the air and I’ve been so frustrated with my work that I’ve cried and almost given up. I’ve locked myself in my house, I’ve ignored sunny days and opportunities to participate in other interests. All because I love photography. I love being able to express my dreams, my ideas and my goals and I love being able to share that with you.

Each nominee deserves this award. They inspire me and motivate me to keep creating and I’m truly honored to be nominated. That said, I would love to win this award as well. It would be an amazing accomplishment and I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

Please vote for me at  www.framedawards.com/artists  -> Best Conceptual Photographer.

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Thank you so much for helping start off my year in the most amazing way!