I must admit, one of my favourite parts of the year coming to an end is reading “Best of ____”  posts and articles. For some reason I’ve always loved seeing what people consider the “best movie” or “best song”, I like to look at what happened over the course of the year and what contributions were made during the past 12 months. I’m hoping to do a post about my own adventures in 2011 but  I also wanted to share with you some of my favourite images by other photographers this year, here is my own personal Best Of 2011. These artists make me want to be a better photographer and I hope they inspire you as much as they have me.


The Parting Part ii – Luke Sharrat
I love the drama that Luke created in this, the levitation is seamless and works so perfectly in this image.

The City Beautiful by The365SpiritSearch
One of my favourite photographs ever, so much so that I have a print of it hanging above my desk! I love the layers that the buildings create and it almost makes me want to live in a big city….almost…..


I read the news today, oh boy – David Talley
It’s almost impossible to pick one favourite image from David’s collection of photographs, his eye for detail and concepts are brilliant. I love how he uses space and you can tell from images like this one how much work he puts into his images.


the world above -Brooke Shaden
What would a favourite images post be without an appearance by Brooke? She is a magician with a camera, creating new worlds showcasing her unique perspective and distict style. I love the whimsical concept behind this image.

just another day – Andrea Pun
When I first saw this photograph it was like “BAM! Perfect” and to me that’s the sign of a great peice of art, that you recognize it’s beauty and quality right away. This is such a simple and beautiful piece that looks so natural and calming.

First Contact – Marwane Pallas
The stories that Marwane tells through his images are captivating, you almost feel that you’re reading a vintage book on the history of civilizations. The amount of skill that he has to pull off his cloned images is absolutely incredible.

Alice’s broken tea party – Sarah Ann Loreth
This is one of my favourites from Sarah’s collection of work, her style is so vivid and so full of contrast and I love how she manages to make images just pop.

rorshach – Robby Cavanaugh
This is just a simple and beautiful photograph that seems so real yet so full of whimsy and fantasy.

draft – FiddleOak
Ah, the wonderful brother and sister duo that is FiddleOak have developed such a wonderful genre in conceptual photography, their perspective has certainly opened my eyes to the tiny areas of the world that can be filled with art.

More to check out:
I could keep going for a long time so here are some more incredible artists to check out!

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