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Catch and Release – Behind The Scenes

    One of my goals this year in my photography is to continue to use photography as a way of discovering more about myself and also as a way to connect people who may be experiencing some of the […]

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How A Photo Changed My Life

Have you ever had one of those defining, fork in the road, flip a coin, change your life kind of moments? I’ve had a couple pop up in life and I think about the paths that each decision leads to […]

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One Year In England

  It’s amazing how quickly a year passes, it’s already been a full rotation around the sun since I’ve moved to England. It’s been such an amazing, scary, inspiring, growing time in my life. A lot of people have asked […]

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It’s Only Love – Give It Away

The 2nd in a 5 part series talking my way through anxiety and depression.       I saw this telephone box in Camden Market for the first time a few months ago and the quote on the sticker has […]

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