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The Lightbulb Project – Week 8 #perspective

This week’s theme was chosen by Sabrina Muelenbergs and her choice of word was quite perfect for me and my life. Perspective. Of course the first thing I thought of was using interesting perspectives or forced perspective or trying to […]

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The Lightbulb Project – Week 7 #freedom

Another case this week of the image coming before the theme. But I don’t mind this backward way of coming up with a theme word to share with everyone, I feel it sometimes is a more organic way of coming […]

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The Lightbulb Project – Week 6 #Middle

This week’s theme came from a combination of two things. Wanting a lighter word after a heavy/darker theme with Fright (as well as all the halloween images posted over the week) and an all day editing session with Spotify playing.  […]

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The Lightbulb Project – Week 4 #BlackandWhite

  Part of my  motivation behind The Lightbulb Project was to push both myself and other creatives to work outside of their normal styles. It’s easy to get stuck in our usual styles of creating, I know I’m guilty of […]

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