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The Lightbulb Project – Week 4 #BlackandWhite

  Part of my  motivation behind The Lightbulb Project was to push both myself and other creatives to work outside of their normal styles. It’s easy to get stuck in our usual styles of creating, I know I’m guilty of […]

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The Lightbulb Project Week 2 – #Leaves

I love leaves.  A lot. There have been many times when I’ve caught myself in the autumn months with a handful of orange, yellow and red leaves of all sizes figuring out how to preserve them. My notebooks have samples […]

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The Lightbulb Project Week 1 – #lightbulb

It’s been about 10 years since I first ever picked up a camera and started trying to create with it. When I first looked through my the viewfinder I saw…well, I saw exactly what I saw with my own eyes. […]

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What It Looks Like – Chiara’s Story

— “What It Looks Like” is an ongoing photographic exploration into the stories of individuals who have experienced depression, anxiety, grief, mood disorders, or any other mental illness. This project aims to share awareness, end stigma, and create dialogue and […]

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