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100 Walks – Walk #9 – Selborne

Date: April 9, 2022Location: Selborne, HampshireDistance 6km(map and trail located here: Selborne – in Gilbert White’s footsteps | AA RatedTrips.com) As the weather seems to be improving one degree at a time, it’s making it a lot easier to sit […]

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100 Walks – Walk #7 – Chawton

Date: April 1 2022Location: Chawton, HampshireDistance: 9.5km Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to lace up the boots and start tromping my way around the south of England. At least that was the thought yesterday when we decided to […]

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100 Walks – Walk #1- Dogmersfield Park

Walking and spending time in nature has long been one of my own personal relaxations, as it is with so many people. Detaching from technology, spending time away from the stressors of indoor life and getting the blood moving is […]

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