Thank you for taking my class, I hope you found it helpful and that you feel excited to create and share your own photography!

Below you can find the presentation used in the class as well as some helpful links to other resources you might find useful!

You can download the class materials here!

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Other Resources To Help With Your Photography

  • – Photoshop and Photography lessons available for free

  • – Photography lessons available for free
  • OffBeat Photography – Excellent Canadian led Photography community on Facebook. Offers workshops, discounts, and great connections with other photographers.
  • AdobeMax – Free conference held October 26-28. Amazing speakers, sessions, workshops and it’s free and available to stream afterward.

  • – Free stock photos that you can use to help you edit

Some free resources/tutorials from me to you! Just click the image above to get some free backgrounds to use in your images.

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