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The Lightbulb Project – Week 8 #perspective

This week’s theme was chosen by Sabrina Muelenbergs and her choice of word was quite perfect for me and my life. Perspective. Of course the first thing I thought of was using interesting perspectives or forced perspective or trying to […]

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The Lightbulb Project – #3 Height

So there I was sitting in the Vancouver Airport about to head out for another 8 weeks of travel and I was completely stumped for the theme for this week. I have a notebook, with potential themes written in it […]

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5 Places To Take Creative Photographs in New York City

If you know me or have followed my photography for a while, you’ll know that I grew up in a fairly small town nestled deep within a valley in British Columbia’s Rocky Mountain Trench. It’s a beautiful corner of the […]

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What I Learned From A Year Filled With Donuts and Cake

It was almost one year ago, I was sitting with my friend Lizzy in her family home, the first day of the new year and I simply said  “We should make some cinnamon rolls”.  So off we went to the […]

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