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March Madness

It seems like I say this after every trip I go¬† on, but I have no idea how to sum up how incredible the last two weeks have been. I`m going to try my best to recollect all the incredible […]

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Canadian Thanksgiving Meetup

Earlier this year I never would have imagined that I’d be writing about my third amazing meetup with some incredibly talented photographers and friends. At the start of this year I had met only a handful of online friends in […]

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Vancouver Trip

I really must get myself in the habit of posting more. I usually have grand ideas in my mind about blog posts, tutorials, features on friends and inspiring artists and then…..life happens and I end up going months without even […]

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Midwest Flickr Gathering – Part 1

I’ve struggled with how to actually type up this blog post because I feel that no matter what words I choose to write, they’ll never be able to sum up the magnitude of how awesome my time in Indiana was. […]

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