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The Lightbulb Project – Week 11 #Cold

This week’s theme is directly inspired by real life events. Specifically me being cold.  There’s a joke between my friends and I that I’m a bit like Jack Frost and wherever I am, there the snow shall be as well. […]

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The Lightbulb Project – Week 7 #freedom

Another case this week of the image coming before the theme. But I don’t mind this backward way of coming up with a theme word to share with everyone, I feel it sometimes is a more organic way of coming […]

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The Lightbulb Project Week 1 – #lightbulb

It’s been about 10 years since I first ever picked up a camera and started trying to create with it. When I first looked through my the viewfinder I saw…well, I saw exactly what I saw with my own eyes. […]

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