With Christmas on it’s way, I remember back to when I was a kid flipping through the christmas catalouge (taking turns with my brothers) and writing out my christmas wish list for Santa. Written in crayon, in that little kid scrawl I’m sure I had quite the list. Now as a ‘grown up’ I don’t really write out those lists, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have things that I’d like. Now, of course I wouldn’t mind a new camera, some lenses, maybe a lighting setup but my Photography Wish List is actually a list of things I’d like to photograph rather than material objects. Here’s my wish list of what I’d like to photograph next year 🙂

1. The Ocean

I grew up and still live in the mountains, in a valley about 10 hours away from the nearest ocean. I think for that reason, I’ve always been intruiged by taking photos next to the open water. I find something so isolated and beautiful about the vast landscape, the backdrop providing the most surreal negative space. I feel that my mind naturally wanders to visions of water, boats, and seascapes so being able to shoot images with an ocean as my muse would be awesome.

2.  Animals
I’m not just talking about a cat or dog, I’m sure I could borrow my parent’s pets with no hesitation, I would really love to shoot a photo of something bigger, or wild! I’d love to incorporate a horse into an image, I don’t exactly have an idea for what I want to do but being able to include the magic of an animal into an image would be something that I would really enjoy. I secretly wish that I could include something wild like a real elephant or a bear or (going back to my first wish) a whale….wouldn’t that be awesome?

3.  Collaborations
This year I’ve been fortunate to meet up with a few flickr-ites from other cities and a few from my own neck of the woods and I really loved the experience of getting to see another person work with a camera, I would LOVE the opportunity to meet up with more photographers and work on some images together.

4.  Abandoned Buildings
I have always had a soft spot for those secret places that are long abandoned but still seem to have so much life left in them, unforuntately so few of those places exist where I am, but I would love to explore an old factory, hospital or school to use a backdrop. I’m slightly jealous of those that are able to visit these places and create such amazing pieces of work within their walls.

That’s not a big wish list is it? Here’s hoping that 2012 brings with it some awesome photography experiences for all you! What is on your photography wish list?