This November I will be running my 6th Marathon and one from my running bucketlist, the legendary New York City Marathon. I love running, and challenging myself to meet my goals, and top of meeting the physical and mental goal of running 42km I’m also setting a goal to raise   $3500 for Organization for Autism Research, an organization that provides scholarships, advocacy, support, and job training for people on the Autism spectrum. I know that this money raised will help others meet their own personal goals which is why I’m excited to keep this fundraising going!


Below you’ll find some opportunities to support my fundraising while also getting something great in return! From a signed copy of my book Create Your Self, to limited edition canvas prints, to customized photo edits. I hope you’re able to support me, and support the amazing people that OAR benefits and help us all meet our goals!



Customized Photo Manipulations/Edits 

Available for a $75usd donation.


 Have you ever wanted to have your image edited by me? Perhaps you want to be made miniature and exploring the tiny world of a nearby garden. Or maybe you want to floating by balloon over the trees? Or is it battling a dragon, swinging from a giant umbrella, or peering into the warm light of a floating lightbulb? Well now’s your opportunity.

For a minimum $75 donation, we will come up with a unique and customized image using a portrait of  you/your child/your friend/spouse/cat/grandma etc…that tells a whimsical story. Each image will be edited by me and will be created just for you to use on social media, to print, or share with friends and family.  After purchase you’ll receive an email from me and we will begin crafting your image!

Canvas Prints

Available for a  $75usd donation.

*Does not include shipping costs which will be calculated via email after purchase. Only one of each image is available*

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Signed Copy of Create Your Self

Available for $25usd donation


A signed copy of my book Create Your Self which is a creative workbook and guide to help you achieve your creative goals. Written in 2015, it’s full of advice, tips, worksheets and ideas to help you keep working on your own creative journey.